M. Dolon Hickmon’s thriller 13:24 exemplifies the possibilities of the new world of self-publishing: Hickmon funded his book on Kickstarter, setting out to employ a team—editor, cover and interior designers, and publicist—of the same caliber that a high-quality mainstream publisher would offer its authors. I was drawn to the passion and drive that went into this book, on the face of it a fast-paced thriller, but informed by Hickmon’s research into—and personal experience with—a very real issue.

Just in: 13:24 was one of only three novels to receive a starred Publishers Weekly Select review in June 2014 (and one of the other two was Sarah Stark’s Out There!).

Hickmon’s taut, gripping fiction debut journeys into a world of subversive rock-and-roll, dark perversions and deep emotional scars. . . . Hickmon weaves these separate plots together with an unforced ease. . . . The narrative’s lean, unadorned prose becomes intensely involving as the plot hastens to its climax and Chris becomes linked in the press with the heavy-metal band he loves so much. A strange and effective debut novel about the powerful dynamics of father-son relationships and the casual violence of amoral subcultures.

—Kirkus Reviews