Kirkus Reviews calls Sarah Stark’s “poetic debut novel” Out There (Leaf Storm Press) “an ambitious novel with a distinct narrator and fresh voice.” Since its publication in April of 2013, Out There has been consistently in the top 100 in Amazon’s Magical Realism category, even at times ranking above the novel it’s in part a tribute to, Gabriel García Márquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude.

Just in:
Out There was one of only three novels to receive a starred Publishers Weekly Select review in June 2014 (and one of the other two was M Dolon Hickmon’s 13:24!).

How would Jefferson Long Soldier, the returning Iraq War veteran and central character of Sarah Stark’s novel Out There (Leaf Storm Press), have taken last week's news of the passing of Gabriel García Márquez? Márquez is Long Soldier's savior and the object of his motorcycle pilgrimage from Santa Fe to Mexico City. He carries Márquez's novel One Hundred Years of Solitude with him wherever he goes and believes every single word in it has saved his life. . . . What follows is a glowing road-trip of magical realism. Stark shows love for the revered writer in both knowledge of his work and reflection of his style. 

Bill Kohlhaase, Santa Fe New Mexica