A Brave Man Seven Stories Tall, one of the most enjoyable books I’ve worked on in the last years, was just released today, and looks to be off to a strong start. 

“To compare a debut novel to Infinite Jest is likely either too flippant or too generous, but...Will Chancellor’s wonderful debut novel A Brave Man Seven Storeys Tall ...more than merely promising, is one of the best of the year.” —The Daily Beast

Will Chancellor is going to be a writer to look out for. I deeply appreciate his praise of my work.

A globetrotting, witty, powerful and wildly ambitious novel that is at once a psychological journey and a terrific page-turner. Will Chancellor has an electrifying, deeply original voice, and his book is so full of depth and heart that it’s impossible to put down.

—Molly Antopol, author, The Un-Americans