Thanks for your fantastic editing work on the manuscript. The editor said that it needs almost no further editing, and that he hasn't read this polished a manuscript in a long time!

—Vikram Paralkar, author of Wounds of the Dead (see Independent Titles), 

to be published in 2017 by HarperCollins India

Self-referential shout-out on Facebook from Matthew Quick

Miranda Ottewell is the best copy editor I’ve ever worked with. I have about twenty-five book publishers and have written for more than a dozen magazines, and my experience has been that copy editors usually introduce errors, don't understand grammar or style as well as I do, make challenges based on their own ideas, beliefs, and feelings, and generally just cause a lot of extra work and frustration for me.  But Miranda has none of these flaws. She’s a dream to work with because she finds real problems, issues that need to be dealt with, and otherwise has a light touch, not introducing any new problems. She manages to go over a book diligently but also respectfully. I feel very lucky to have had her eye on three of my novels now, and in fact, the last one, Goat Mountain, was going to be copyedited by the UK publisher (Heinemann/Random House) instead of the US one (HarperCollins), but I asked to go through the process with HarperCollins because I wanted Miranda’s careful look. I didn’t feel comfortable going to press without her, and I hope she’ll continue with all my future books. I certainly give her my highest recommendation. I don’t think you can find anyone better.

—David Vann, critically acclaimed author of Legend of a Suicide
Caribou IslandDirt, and Goat Mountain, with books on seventy 
Best Books of the Year lists in a dozen countries

I consider myself lucky to have been paired with someone as widely read and deeply knowledgeable as Miranda Ottewell. I received my copyedits with gloves laced up, ready for a DFWesque war of usage. Instead, I found keen insight into allusions, a sharp eye for mistakes, and astute comments about voice. Miranda’s edits greatly improved Brave Man.

Will Chancellor, author of A Brave Man Seven Storeys Tall (HarperCollins, to be released July 2014), 
 “a globetrotting, witty, powerful and wildly ambitious novel that is at once
 a psychological journey and a terrific page-turner” (Molly Antopol) 

I was lucky enough to have Miranda as the copy editor on my novel Buried on Avenue B. Her skill, integrity, and fastidiousness saved me from dozens of embarrassments in all shapes and sizes. More importantly, she spared my readers, because nothing undermines fiction, particularly crime fiction, faster than factual errors and inconsistencies. I can’t recommend her services enough and will seek them out on future projects.

—Peter de Jonge, coauthor with James Patterson of three 
New York Times best sellers and crime novelist in his own right,
 “in the noirish, character-driven vein of Dennis Lehane 
or Michael Connelly” (
New York Times)

I’ve just read my first two essays of volume 4 of the Diebenkorn catalogue raisonnée, with your edits.  I want to tell you how smart and helpful your comments are, and how much they improve the texts.  I feel lucky on this one.

—Jane Livingston, editor of the forthcoming Richard Diebenkorn Catalogue Raisonné (Yale University Press)


Miranda Ottewell’s excellence as a copy editor saved me from numerous errors. 

Pulitzer Prize finalist Robert Dallek, in the acknowledgments for 
The Lost Peace: Leadership in a Time of Horror and Hope, 1945–1953

Miranda’s copy editing job on my debut novel Little Known Facts for Bloomsbury USA and Bloomsbury Circus UK was so thorough and meticulous that I knew the book was in good hands from the moment I started reading through her edits.  Eventually, Little Known Facts ended up on the cover of the February 24, 2014, edition of the New York Times Book Review, due in part, I’m sure, to Miranda's expert editing.

—Christine Sneed, novelist and short story writer

Mirandas astute editing made Spider Womans Daughter: A Leaphorn and Chee Novel much stronger. Not only did she find those annoying grammatical errors and mistakes that writers like me cant see on their own, but she went beyond my expectations in researching Navajo star lore to make sure I had my facts straight.

—Anne Hillerman, author of Spider Woman’s Daughter: A Leaphorn and Chee Novel

You will be happy to hear, if you are a regular reader, that HarperCollins decided launching a new author requires paying attention to copy-editing.

Amazon reader’s review of Spider Woman’s Daughter 

I applaud the work of Miranda Ottewell. She is the first copy editor I have ever adored.

Alice Randall, in the acknowledgments to Adas Rules: A Sexy Skinny Novel

Ami McKay of The Virgin Cure thanks you wholeheartedly for your “brilliant” copy-editing. And so do I!

  —Senior production editor Lydia Weaver, HarperCollins